Strategic Alliance and M&A Brokerage Service

Introducing and connecting strategic alliances with Korean companies, finding and brokering companies subject to mergers and acquisitions for Korean companies.

Strategic Alliance and M&A Brokerage Service

  • Introducing and Connecting Strategic Partnerships with Korean Firms in the U.S
  • Corporate Financing and Brokerage Services for Acquisitions and Mergers to Korean Companies
  • Consulting services for companies looking to enter the U.S. from South Korea


M&A Strategy Establishment

  • Determine service scope, schedule and method
  • Preparation of criteria for selection of candidate companies
  • Establishing a comprehensive consultation schedule
  • Establish an optimal trading strategy


Selection of target companies

  • Data research
  • Corporate, Industrial Analysis and Corporate Review
  • Corporate profiling and targeted company selection


M&A follow-up management

  • Post-management advice and support after M&A termination
  • Establishment of growth strategy after M&A


Decision of transaction structure

  • Due diligence on assets and liabilities
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Negotiation of price and terms and finalization of transaction structure
  • Analysis of Tax and Accounting Data Issues